Mar. 12th, 2007 07:36 pm
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For only the price of *lots*, I know have a car with all mod cons, like headlights that both work, a petrol cap that closes (and opens - v important that bit), airbag that will operate if I hit anything and an MOT that lets me drive it for another year. After due consideration, I'm keeping the innovative cosmetic styling I've added over the last 18 months, including the hole in the bumper and miscellaneous dents.

In other good news, I will be able to pay off the loan next month and the car will be mine! I will own it outright before it depreciates down to fiddy pee.

You might have noticed I'm in a bouncier mood than usual. Or not - I don't tend to post when I'm down as I am fairly sick of the whinging in my own head. But after feeling depressed and frustrated with myself all weekend, I'm feeling pretty positive again. I gritted my teeth and sorted out some of the bits and bobs I'd been avoiding today and did very well at shifting work over to other people (legitimately - stuff bounces back and forth between the CAD monkeys or other engineers for checking/updating).

I'm going to try and apply some of this productive energy to stuff at home. I spend too much time online at the moment and then find I don't have time to get other stuff done or relax properly. For that reason I'm going to be online much less for the rest of the week. If anyone wants to chat to me *fixes young Master Twisted with a meaningful look* then let me know when you're likely to be online and I'll come find you.

As part of this surge of positive whatsit, I'm going to try and get my lazy arse to the gym again. I haven't been properly since before the wedding and I am really starting to notice it.
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I haven't posted for a while. This is mainly cos not much is happening. I get over-stressed about coursework, coursework gets done, I stress about the next bit, etc etc. Two things which are particularly causing me to wibble are my project (have'nt done any work yet and it's a group thing, if I f**k it up, I f**k things up for them too) and finding a job (still don't know what I want to do, haven't applied any where or sorted my CV or any thing :( )

Hmm, good things to write about.

Bf :) :) Keeping me sane, reminding me there is more to life than bloody coursework.

The meal last night went well. I was worried about it, cos Daz is scared of my dad and the first time they met, they hardly spoke. Last night went well, the food was gorgeous and the conversation was good too. :)

Just learned a new trick on LJ, can you tell?

Other good things - my lab makes sense! Hurray! We've got our last day tomorrow and will try and get some sensible answers from the demonstrator whose favourite phrases are "no-one else has asked that!" and "I'm not supposed to tell you the answers". But it making at least a little sense is great progress!

I'm doing better than usual at understanding my lectures. Generally, I read them when I revise for the first time since the lecture ;)

I've cheered myself up again which is good :)!
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Not sure about what to write. I've written diaries and journals before but they've all been private and fairly personal.

But I like the idea and I want to use it to remember this year. I hope I have time for it when I get back to uni and have to do loads of work to do.

Last year had a lot of changes for me :- lost my faith in God which had always been a big thing for me, got back with my bf (who I adore and who got me through losing my faith), discovered sex and discovered that I was crap at my future career during a year out. I also discovered that I prefer studying to proper work (I'm not just being lazy, I really enjoy learning and studying not just the long lie-ins.)

I also found that my sexuality was not as straightforward as I had thought. I had always 'appreciated' women but was also attracted to men. This year I finally admitted this to myself. I have yet to take any action on this and probably won't. I love my bf deeply and don't want a polyamourous relations, so that rules out any practical experimentation (Shame *grin*)

Anyway, after a busy year, I'm just trying to figure life out.


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