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The word "Mamihlapinatapai" means "To look at each other, each hoping the other will offer to do something which both parties much desire done but which neither is willing to do". In other words, I fancy a cup of tea.

I'm a sexy, happy, confused, curious, sarcastic, tactless-but-caring, open-minded, loyal, fat, feminist, optimistic, sometimes-shy-sometimes-shameless bisexual engineering geek-chick who tends to witter a lot.

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I wrote that bio in about 2001 but it's still basically true. Since then, I've graduated from uni, moved away from Manchester and came running back at high speed, found a job that pays the bills, exercises my brain and makes the world better in a small way and married my beloved fluffyarmadillo.

I am incredibly, wonderfully lucky in my husband and also in my lovely friends.

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activism, ancient history, anti-racism, armadillo, asking questions, beautiful things, beauty, becoming an ally, being naked, bi community news, bibliophilia, bicon, bifest, biphoria, bisexuality, blue, books, candles, celebrating sexuality, chaos theory, chemistry, chocolate, colour, computers, confusion, cool ideas, creative confusion, creativity, crochet, cultures, curiosity, diversity, douglas coupland, dreaming, drowning in colour, eclectic, escher, exploring, far away, feminism, flirting, flirting with elke, french, growing, history, hope, hugging, hugs, humour, ice-cream, imagination, impressionism, indie music, inspiration, interesting bits of maths, japan, kissing, kittychan, knitting, language, lava lamps, lazing about, learning, learning to program, logic, losing my marbles, love, maths, miffy, misdirected leisure activity, miss kitty, mosaics, movies, music, my beloved armadillo, new experiences, new ideas, night, nipples, not walking the bogle, ocean, pasta, patterns, penguins, physics, plants, poppies, programming, purple, rain, rain storms, random surfing, reading, rem, rocky horror, sapiosexuality, scotland, sea, sex, sexuality, sexy jenbird, sexy men, sexy people, sexy women, shiny things, silver, snow, snowplains, snuggling, sparkly things, spirituality, stones, stories, strawberries, sunshine, surprising myself, swimming, talking crap, television, transgender, tree hugging hippies, trees, turquoise, tv, umist rag, ursula vernon, vampires, wasting time, water, weirdness, wenches, wibbling, wisdom, wood, words, writing
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