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Lectures weere cancelled Thursday and Friday which kind of pissed me off cos I am soooo bored. I wrote a post going on about it, then lost it by accident. Grr

Friday night was so cool. Rag was running a casino for the Fresher's ball so we all got glammed up to be croupiers. I had such a cool time. I was chatting to people all night long, while I was playing (officially 'making the place seem popular') and while I was being the dealer for blackjack. I was so bouncy that I was scared to ask anyone about themselves in case they thought I was coming on to them. I wasn't but it felt weird. I haven't chatted anyone up for ages, since I was a fresher in fact.

Anyway I was on a complete high that night, despite getting really tired by the end. We had free passes to the ball but I went home after the casino. Bf was asleep and I crept around. He woke up which was cool cos I wanted to talk to him but didn't think it was fair to wake him up.

I missed him this week. I didn't see much of him cos he was working late so I was all soppy at him :)

We went shopping on Saturday with his mate Chris. We had a cool weekend and although I am technically v skint, I got some more books. It's like an addiction :) The only embarrassing thing was when Chris and bf came looking for me and found me in the gay and lesbian section. It didn't bother me much but I think it surprised Chris.

Trouble is whenever I do something like that, people always ask my bf what's going on, not me and he has to explain that I'm bi and he's cool with it and we're still going out. I worry that it's unfair on him but he keeps saying it's cool. He even says he doesn't mind if I want to experiment but I don't want anyone else. It's more, if we break up, I will be checking out the prospective girl and boyfriends ;)

Anyway lectures finally start tomorrow and they all look v complicated. I looked at the course descriptions and the most worrying on is my lectures on safety (I'm studying Chemical Engineering) One of the objectives is :

By the end of this course the student should have the proper fear of the plant (!)

I spent all last year trying to get less afraid of the plant (esp the operators who terrifed me until I realised they were really nice even though I was clueless.)

Now time for my beauty sleep
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It's Freshers week so had busy day. I was helping out on the Rag stall, trying to recruit new victims, I mean volunteers. I found it hard to start with but gradually got into it and was doing really well and kept bouncing up to unsuspecting strangers and thrusting hundreds of flyers at them.

After lunch, Elke and I went round the stalls looking for freebies. Neither of us are freshers so we were much more shameless about it. Real freshers are a bit shy yet. Got loads of flyers for sporty things and martial arts type things. Well, you never know, I might go to them. (Pause to duck low-flying pigs.)

Then we went to Manchester fresher's fair which was much better. Came home with much useless bumf, many sweeties and a little bit of interesting info. Both freshers fairs were much better than I remember from my first year. I would like to try loads of stuff but I know I'm goin to be busy.

Anyway, I came home with v. sore feet and am know v. tired.


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