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I've finally managed to knit this jumper to the correct gauge, after at least 6 attempts.  I've changed it to knitting on a circular needle so I had to knit one ball then cast off. I am currently wearing a lacy circle round my boobs (widest part) which fits without being too tight.  Daz is laughing at me!

Now I've just got to repeat the lacy pattern endlessly to do the rest of it!
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Today, I gave in to a temptation and bought more wool for knitting. I now have two brand new projects, a shrug type thing in dark turquoise Kid Silk Haze which is a beautifully soft fine fluffy mohair yarn and a light lacy jumper which is going to be knitted in bamboo, which is a very strange idea.  The jumper is No 6 on this page and the yarn I've chosen is similar in colour to the one shown.

The jumper was meant to be knitted in silk. However, they didn't have any in stock, it's quite expensive (and yarn is silly expensive anyway), and I've knitted with silk before and it is an absolute pain!  It's very pretty but it ties itself in knots if you so much as look at it.  So, I've substituted bamboo yarn which has a similar sheen and defined strands but seems easier to work with.  Plus - bamboo!  Like pandas eat!

The jumper looks good and hopefully I've learnt from the mistakes of the previous jumper.  Those were basically to
  • chose the right material (I used wool for a sleeveless jumper- if it's warm enough to have no sleeves, it's too warm for wool!)
  • to keep trying it on to make sure it fits.
The pattern is mostly a repeating lacy pattern.  It's quite simple so I should be doing it automatically pretty quickly.  The only downside is that it is knitted as separate pieces, back and front and then sewed up.  I hate sewing up so I'm trying to work out if I can convert it to knitting in the round (which cuts out the need to do the side seams and possibly even grafting the shoulders together like you do for the toe of a sock.

Can any of the knitters on my flist advise me if this is a good idea or not?  I'll need to use stitchmarkers to keep track of back and front but it's a 6 stitch repeating lace pattern so I should know if I lose a stitch and the pattern starts to drift.  I'm a little worried that it may be more difficult to correct the size if it's wrong because I will have so much to rip out.

I will be taking one or the other down to Bifest with me to knit at the crafty bit.

Edit Arse.  Just discovered that the gauge is very off and my gauge swatch is looking way too big.  I can reduce the size of the needles but I quite like the feel of the fabric at this gauge.  I may need to mess about with the pattern to get the right size.  That's more interesting but a bit risky in case it's all goes wrong.
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So far I've knitted sensible things (scarves, a jumper and two baby blanket) in sensible materials. I've stroked the pretty yarns in the shop but not really used them yet.

However, I've got a plan to make a friend a cushion which I'm using as an opportunity to indulge myself with some extra special yarns to make it a really soft, huggable cushion for her. (Said friend is having a crappy time of it at the moment and has mentioned that soft fluffy things help when she's having a bad patch.) I've got a beautiful soft wool; a intricate looking boucle, a very fluffy chenille, some beautiful eyelash wool and some just gorgeous silky, shiny stuff that I had left over from another project. I am really excited about this as I haven't ever has a chance to use such lovely yarns before. A lot of the pleasure of this pattern is going to be just feeling the beautiful yarns. I hope the colours work as well together as they do in my mind.

Socks are going slowly but surely. I've reduced the number of stitches so it's smaller and should fit better. Unintentionally, I seem to have hit a sock diameter exactly half the length of the colour repeat as I am getting neat stripes of navy and purple in the sock.

However, given that I have to knit another sock exactly the same, I suspect I may be experimenting more for the next pair...
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Having bought lovely sock wool from these lovely people (Curious Yarns), having knitted and reknitted the heel about 4 times before it worked, I've come to a horrible realisation.

I need to rip it out and start again.

The ankle is too big and will annoy me. I'm not spending hours knitting this sock and the next one, just to realised that I'll never wear them.

But it hurts!


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