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With Daz going back on Epilim, there's a chance he will have a grand mal fit at Bisociality/generic bi events. I thought I'd put up some info on what to do if that happens.

The first signs are generally if Daz blanks out and doesn't respond if you talk to him. He often works his fingers in odd ways when he has a minor fit and dribbles a bit. If he has a grand mal, he starts shuddering or banging against things repetitively. If either happens and I'm not about, come and grab me.

If it's a minor seizure, he'll come around quite quickly but be a little confused for a while. He often appears fine at first but gets tired or gets a headache a bit later. If I'm not there, then tell him he's had a seizure after about 10 minutes - he may not remember if you tell him sooner.

During a grand mal seizure, the important thing is to try and make sure he's not going to hurt himself (by banging against something or choking) and then waiting for it to stop. If there are cushions and pillows around, that can help but don't try to stop him moving. Once the seizure has stopped, if I'm not around, put him in the recovery position and keep an eye on him to make sure he's breathing ok. He tends to wake up in stages and is very confused at first. He can't usually talk clearly or understand people unless they speak very slowly and clearly. He wakes up for a bit but needs to go to bed soon after to sleep it off properly.

I will look after him and take him home after a grand mal. I might need some tissues to help him clean himself up or some help to get him home (finding a lift/taxi and walking him to the car). Don't let anyone call an ambulance unless D has been injured during the seizure. It just annoys him, when he wakes up.

But mostly, we'll need a bit of privacy, without lots of people watching and worrying. Grand mals are scary things to witness but Daz is tough and hasn't had a serious injury so far. After a seizure, he needs to sleep and possibly some painkillers and he will be fine in a few days.


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