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I like Salon.  It has interesting articles, an entertainingly intellectual problem page and some quite hot articles on sex (no, really). 

I do not like it when Salon contains wank.
In simpler times we were all gay. But then the word "gay" started to mean "gay men" more than women, so we switched to the more inclusive "gay and lesbian." Bisexuals, who were only part-time gays, insisted that we add them too, so we did (not without some protest), and by the early 1990s we were the lesbian, gay and bisexual, or LGB community. Sometime in the late '90s, a few gay rights groups and activists started using a new acronym, LGBT -- adding T for transgender/transsexual. And that's when today's trouble started.
I especially love the use of the term 'we' to mean 'gay men and whatever tag-alongs they generously chose to allow into their movement'.   F*ck you.
Then an odd thing happened. I started asking friends and colleagues, ranging from senior members of the gay political/journalistic establishment to apolitical friends around the country to the tens of thousands of daily readers of my blog, if they thought we should pass ENDA this year even without gender identity. Everyone felt bad about taking gender identity out of ENDA, everyone supported transgender rights, and everyone told me "pass it anyway.
I wonder how many of those 'everyones', were themselves trans. 

John Aravosis' basic argument is that ENDA (a US LGBT employment protection bill) won't be passed if transgender rights are included and therefore, that those rights need to wait for next time.  And, depressingly, he may be right.  Politics is pretty shitty like that.  The UK equivalent (the Sexual Orientation Regulations) similarly cover LGB but not T.

On the other hand, I love TransGriot (and also [livejournal.com profile] delux_vivens, who I gacked the link off) who here spells out why this argument is neither new nor original and why various transpeople have run out of patience with being told to wait.


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