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1. LJ has implemented FI style 'likes' in an unhelpful way.

I can't tell who has liked a post, my journal theme doesn't show them but I get a little email about it :-S

2. It is really nice to get comments so I shall add 'comment more' to my personal LJ revival plan :-D

Given the weirdness of the liking system - if you like one of my posts but don't have anything to say, please comment with a smiley face or something small like that!


3.  Have remembered I bought a small cheap laptop, specifically for the purpose of writing on t'internet from bed.  So lots of you have just got comments :D  Teenytinylaptop's battery doesn't last long which is actually good because it is keeping me focussed instead of browsing idly.

4.  I often enjoy reading posts but feel I have nothing to say so don't comment.  But when I tried, I found something to say for every post I looked at.  That's useful to know.

It is also interesting because in hanging around with quiet, introverted and/or socially anxious people, I have somehow absorbed the idea that I find talking people to people.  But that isn't actually true for me*.  It's a skill I want to keep developing for things like Bi Coffee and post-Biphoria when I want to make people feel welcome and included in the conversation.

*I have spent my life being told/assuming that I am similar to my dad in personality and he is one of those quiet people.  But my mum is really gregarious and chatty and it is interesting to start seeing what I have inherited from her as well.   I can remember talking to her about people we know and she had really interesting insights into how people ticked which would never have occured to teenaged me.  But mid-30s me has learned a lot about people since then.  And learning how to talk and how to listen, both in the relatively shallow social lubrication sense and in the deeper sense of 'holding space'* is an ongoing goal for me.

*Discussion of bereavement and grief at that link
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